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Bryce Street Paving Hamilton Veneto

An interview with Reset Urban Design Ltd Associate Orson Waldock.

1. What were looking to achieve with the design?

Orson Waldock Reset Urban Design Ltd

Orson Waldock, Associate at Reset Urban Design Ltd

“The design aims to create an outdoor dining precinct and new streetscape environment which provides a strong interface between Bryce Street and a revitalised Centre Place retail mall. The project was undertaken in partnership with Hamilton City Council and the land owner Kiwi Income Property Trust in order to create a space which allowed the development of a new active edge which address Bryce Street as well a providing greater pedestrian connectivity to the surrounding street network.

The new outdoor dining podium sits between upgraded entrances to Centre Place with a light open roof structure which provides shelter as well as providing a transition in scale from the large format building to the street. The dining podium is well orientated to the North and is bathed in sun, solar penetration through roof structure ensures the shop fronts are well lit and remain visible from the street. The dining podium sits just above the footpath level, with a terrazzo nib, low hedging and generous planters at either end providing separation from the busy street whist retaining a sense of openness.

New street lights and large scale cabbage trees hold down the edge of the street whilst a new speed table and surface treatments in the road reduce vehicle speeds and create stronger pedestrian links to neighbouring streets. The palette of paving materials is simple, large mats of terrazzo used at the mall entry and dining space with a simple arrangement of clay pavers used to effectively bridge these higher amenity areas.

The overriding principles embodied in this project were to develop a space which is high quality, socially engaging, robust and easily maintained to a high standard of finish.”

2. Why did you choose to work with Horizon?

“We continue to work with Horizon based on the expertise and high levels of service they bring to their projects. Horizon has been a trusted partner on many projects and continues to show great commitment to innovation and quality.”

3. What brief did you give Horizon?

“We asked horizon to help us develop a terrazzo solution which could be used for a number of applications, paving, nib wall and large scale kerb units within the same job. A number of samples and options were developed in order to test various colour schemes, finishes and module sizes.”

4. Why were you impressed with their solution?

“Both ourselves as designers and the client are extremely happy with the built outcome. The pallete of materials is a good looking, robust and cost effective solution to a relatively complex build. The nature of the terrazzo product has given us the ability to develop a bespoke finish and apply it to a range of hardscape elements within the projects; creating simple clean lines which transition across ground and vertical planes.”

Bryce Street Hamilton Paving


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