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Oruaiti Pa site

Horizon International were recently involved in supplying some paving  for a Wellington City Council initiative, the building of a memorial on the site of Oruaiti Pa Site.

Oruaiti Pa was a palisaded village – an important lookout post guarding the entrance to Te Whanganui a Tara (Wellington Harbour) and a storage site for nearby gardens. Oruaiti means “place of the small pit” although the simple translation does not tell the full meaning.

Oruaiti Pa was visually connected to the major Pa of Te Whetu Kairangi, above Worser Bay and the headland Pa of Rangitatau (Palmer Head).  Oruaiti Pa was established by Tara-ika and his half brother Tautoki, sons of Chief Whatonga and was developed after the move of the Whatonga people fdrom Matiu Island in Te Whanganui-a-Tara.

Oruaiti Pa Site
Further information on the Pa site can be found at:-
Before construction
After Construction
Project name:Oruaiti Pa site
Designer: Wellington City Council Charles Gordon
Installer: Outsiders
Paving suppliers: Horizon International
Pavers used: Veneto Pastelli
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