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Terrazzo Veneto

Your leading supplier of Terrazzo Veneto pavers in New Zealand


The Terrazzo Veneto Honed & Shotblasted range of concrete pavers Terrazzo Veneto

With over 30 years of experience and expertise in the paving industry, our exceptional quality paving supplies encompass products to suit every project, from residential through to commercial pavement needs. 

Terrazzo Honed paving and Pastelli Shotblasted paving is the perfect paving solutions for all your projects, courtyards paving, patio paving, and paving for pathways, and pool paving. Veneto pavers are a concrete paving range made in New Zealand. All Veneto paving is manufactured with matching bullnose paving. We pride ourselves in being able to supply a full range of paving products for your requirements, many exclusive to us. We work with and can recommend the best contractors around New Zealand to provide full supply and installation service.

If you want the job done right, trust the experts here at Horizon. We know paving inside and out, and with superior paving supplies and expert contractors, our focus is always on outstanding and lasting results. We can also help you ensure an expert installation service plus a hassle-free pavement building experience.

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