Making Veneto Paving

Terrazzo Veneto Pavers are hydraulically pressed

What does that mean??

The biggest difference offered by Horizon International in the Terrazzo Veneto Paving range is the method of manufacture. Our pavers are created/pressed from a 200 ton Italian Chisea paving press. The use of the 200 ton hydraulic process removes excess air and moisture from the paver, this provides multiple benfits to you, the customer:


  1. Veneto Pressed Pavers are colourfast.
  2. Identical Pavers:- Because every paver is produced from the same mould their plan dimensions are identical. This means they are easier to lay to tighter tolerances.
  3. Increased Density:- The pressing process increases density throughout the paver – raising abrasion resistance for high traffic areas and allowing tougher cleaning without damaging the surface. Veneto Pressed pavers can be cleaned hard without causing damage.
  4. Increased Strength:- Increased density and range of thicknesses results in higher breaking loads required for commercial application.
  5. Veneto Pressed pavers don’t suffer from efflorescence.
  6. Lower Porosity:- Pressing at 200 tonnes also lowers porosity, which decreases the cold-water absorption rate.
Customers often say, “it doesn’t matter, it’s only for my home” The fact is the benefits apply equally whether you are paving your back yard or a constructing a main street. Pavers made under this process last. Click below to see your paving being made: