Veneto Domestic Paving Ranges for around your home

Looking for paver blocks, outdoor tiles or paving slabs for modern home gardens, pool areas, a renovated outdoor area or general landscaping?


Looking to landscape around the house, possibly paving your courtyards, your patios, paths, a new entrance, or possibly pave around your pools?

The Veneto domestic paving ranges are a superior, New Zealand made paving solution made to last. All Veneto paving is manufactured from Italian Chisea press and are manufactured complimentary matching bullnose paving for pool copings, steps treads and other feature areas.

Veneto pavers are offered with two surface texture, The Terrazzo Veneto, a honed range of paving and the Pastelli Veneto, a shotblasted/etched non skid paving finish. Click below to read about your selected range.


Honed Terrazzo Veneto Paving 

Bragato Shotblasted

Shotblasted Pastelli Veneto Paving

Sabbia Veneto Paving

Terrazzo Veneto  Pool Paving


Sealer / Protecting / Cleaing Paving 

Why Use Veneto Paving?

All Veneto pavers share a common bond, they are manufactured under a process of intense vibration in a 200 tonnes Italian Chisea hydraulic paving machine with high quality raw materials, this combination provides you a great looking, extremely dense product is with long life and resistant to fading.What should I use Veneto paving?

All you need to do is to choose a size and surface texture.

Surface Textures

All Veneto pavers is pressed from a hydraulic machinery. The difference between the Veneto and Pastelli ranges is driven by the surface finish.The Terrazzo Veneto is finished with a inline honing machine proving a ground surface texture whilst the Pastelli range uses an Italian Shotblasting machine to reveal the aggregate. Both surfaces are non-slip


The Veneto ranges are supplied all around New Zealand, from Invercargill to Far North. We call also assistance with a local recommended installer or designer.