Commercial Terrazzo Concrete Paving

The commercial Terrazzo concrete paving range are large format pavers creating openness texture and detail in large spaces. With an extensive range of colours the Terrazzo Veneto Honed and the Pastelli Veneto pavers are an effective alternative to insitu coloured concrete.

Designed for civic and commercial applications, Veneto pavers are a range of concrete paving that has a dense surface for maximum abrasion and minimum absorption. They are slip resistant, consistent in colour and offer density throughout for maximum strength and are square edged

Paving Ranges
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Honed Commercial Terrazzo Veneto Paving

Taihape CBD upgrades

Shotblasted Commercial Pastelli Veneto


Paving Sealers and Cleaners


Note: Architects and designers are invited to enquire for custom-made honed paving. Horizon is able to provide specifiers with samples incorporating a wide range of different selected materials including aggregates, pebbles, shell and glass




Why Veneto Paving?


Identical Pavers

Because every paver is produced from the same mold their plan dimensions are identical. This means they are easier to lay to tighter tolerances.


Increased Density

The pressing process increases density throughout the paver – raising abrasion resistance for high traffic areas and allowing tougher cleaning without damaging the surface.

Lower Porosity

Pressing at 200 tonnes also lowers porosity, which decreases the cold-water absorption rate.

Increased Strength

The increased density and range of thicknesses available result in higher breaking loads which are required for commercial application.