Pavers laid on Nuralite Paver Supports

Waterproofing pedestal paving

Terrazzo Veneto pavers are highly suitable for installation on pedestals in both commercial and residential contracts. We work with all major waterproofing agencies to provide high quality results.

Pavers are designed to be installed on external decks or podiums over existing waterproof membranes. All Veneto pavers are machine pressed proving benefits to specifiers and installers.

Terrazzo Veneto Grigio Honed Paving
Terrazzo Veneto Grigio Honed Paving Installed on Nuralite supports
  1. All Veneto pavers are square sided proving nice tight joint widths.
  2. Veneto pavers are dimensionally correct essential for use on pedestals.
  3. Veneto pavers are highly compressed providing a strong dense paver.
  4. Veneto pavers can be supplied in multiple sizes and thickness’s.
  5. Veneto pavers can be supplied in three surface textures to meet requirements.
  6. Please inform Horizon staff if you are ordering your pavers for Pedestal use as we add the process of thickness calibration.
See examples below:-