Frequently Asked Questions


Because pavers are individual pieces, they not only look more impressive, they are more durable and resistant to damage. Poured concrete can often result in unsightly cracks due to factors such as tree roots, small earthquakes, freezing and thawing in the ground and other disturbances. This is difficult and costly to repair, whereas pavers are more flexible and resistant in the ground, as well as being easier to fix.

Which pavers are the best for driveways?

Concrete pavers and permeable stone pavers are often considered the best option for driveways, as sturdy, durable and low maintenance choices. As the first port of entry to your house, a quality paved driveway will improve the look and value of your home. If you’re wanting some advice on pavers for your driveway, drop us a line.

Which paving slabs are best for patio and outdoor living areas in NZ?
For an outdoor living space such as a pool area or patio, you’ll want durable stone that also looks great and complements the design of your home. Some of the most popular choices include granite, Nubrik clay, Honed Terrazzo Veneto and porcelain pavers. You can explore our full range of domestic landscaping pavers.
How much does paving cost in NZ?

This entirely depends on the type and scope of your project! We have a huge range of pavers available to suit various budgets. If you have a project in mind, drop us a line and we can work with you to provide an estimate.

Where can I buy paving stones, slabs or bricks?

Right here at Horizon International, we’re of the leading and most trusted paving suppliers in New Zealand, with over 30 years of experience in the industry. Whatever paving project you’re planning, we can help. Explore our huge range of domestic pavers.

Which paver slabs are best quality?

This entirely depends on what solution your project is trying to achieve. For example, porcelain is stronger than many natural stones, however the texture, look and design of your ideal pavers might be a factor in choosing the right natural stone. If you have a project in mind, get in touch and we can help recommend the best paver solutions for you.

Which pavers are the cheapest?

This depends on your project, as not all types of pavers are best suited for every type of job (for example, a pool area versus a driveway). However, if you’re on a budget, we can help recommend the least expensive option for your outdoor paving needs. Get in touch.

Can paving slabs be laid on concrete or soil?

Paving slabs can be laid on soil, grass, concrete or sand bases, however the best option depends on your type of paving. A crushed stone or sand base often works well if you want water to seep through.

Are paving slabs cheaper than decking?
While the upfront costs of decking can be less expensive, the long-term maintenance of decking (such as sanding, staining or painting and dealing with rusty and loose nails and rotting wood down the line) can mean paver options are more affordable and less work in the long run. Explore our huge collection of  ResidentialCommercial paver stones, bricks, tiles and slabs.