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Horizon International interviewed Project Coordinator Tim Asby of Opus Architecture who specified its paving products for the new Carterton Events Centre.

Horizon International: What were looking to achieve with the design?

Tim Asby: The projects primary focus was to bring together community groups and organisations and provide a new heart to the Town of Carterton. There are two main hard landscaped areas, the Civic Plaza and Central Courtyard.

The Plaza provides a large congregation space to connect the centre to the street. It required a simple and elegant solution to allow easy integration into a later street upgrade project which is due to begin soon, whilst also providing a permeable free drainage solution. Due to the future project we needed something that looked finished at building completion, but also was able to accept and tie in with the new street design without any problems.

A simple striped array of Terrazzo Veneto Shotblasted Paving provided the ideal solution to these requirements.

The central courtyard area is designed as the metaphorical heart to centre, the surrounding interior spaces are all quite different so this space needed to be a relatively neutral and also quiet feeling space. We introduced some simple curved elements to break up the otherwise very rectilinear space. The paving needed to support that and also provide the frame for the community sponsor Nubrik pavers that are placed here also. We elected to maintain continuity and repeat the Terrazzo Veneto Shotblasted pavers used in the Civic Plaza area.

HI: Why did you choose to work with Horizon?

TA: Horizon had provided great service on the smaller sponsored paver part of the project and were able to supply a good and cost effective solution with local manufacture. All of which met with our project economic and sustainability requirements.

HI: What brief did you give Horizon?

TA: Initially a cost, area and the project requirements such as permeability to establish what we could achieve.  Then we worked with horizon to find the best design solution from our available options.

HI: Why were you impressed with its solution?

TA: The solution itself was relatively simple which is what we were looking for. In this project we were particularly impressed with the knowledge that Horizon brought to the table and their proactive approach to providing solutions and options. We have since worked with and specified Horizon Products on a number of other projects because again they have proven to be the best option for our requirements.


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